Friday, May 20, 2011

LaLaLoopsy and Paper Straws

Destinys 4th Birthday is coming up in about 5wks (June24th), So this is the perfect time to start really planning,making, and ordering everything we need for an awesome party!

Together, Destiny and I went through all kinds of party supply places trying to figure out what kind of party she wanted. But she just couldnt decide one minute it is this and the next its that. So I have decided to do a 
and let it be a surprise, so from this point on Im not going to be talking to her about party decor, I think she will be so excited when she see's it and all  her cousins. This is her last birthday before she starts school, so next year it will be a whole new bag of worms with tons of friends and she will for sure know what kind of party she will want.

I think its gonna great!
I have already created the:
Cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, party hats, invitations, Pennat banner, treat bag toppers,bottle wrappers digitaly, so all I have to do is pick up some scrapbook paper and print them off.
For the cake Im going to do a awesome Rainbow cake be perfect!

Which I think she is going to absolutly LOVE!!!!
And I will also be doing some rainbow swirl cupcakes.

For the table I thought I would make a cute rainbow ruffle table clothe like this one

(from Hip Hooray )

And decorate the pravilion with rainbow colored balloons and pom poms like these

as far as the party tableware I will just go to the local dollar store and get all different solid color tableware supplies like this:

On which I will probably make some pretty lalaloopsy labels to put on them.

The only problem is PAPER STRAW!!
 I REALLY REALLY REALLY  want to know how to make them!!!
I think it would be awesome if I could do so using  sparkly scrapbook papers!!!
So if anyone knows how to make them or has an idea of how to make them please let me know.

And here is some pictures of the  Digital cupcake toppers,wrappers, bottle wrappers and ect.. look like.

Cup cake toppers will be on white card stockwith a pretty scrapbook paper backing.

What do ya'll think so far???


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GIMP is so complicated!!

So I have been wanting to create some awesome party supplies like these:

well...... FOREVER!!!

I have searched and searched through google trying to figure out how to make them, and I finally decided that I would just ask some one who sales them. I honestly didnt think they would tell me but suprisingly enough they did and they told me they use photoshop or gimp.
So I did a little researcha and found that gimp was FREE!!!
and Im a budget conscious type person so FREE was all I need to read, Bad news is this is the most complicating program ever!

But I turned to my trusty friend GOOGLE for some tutorial searching and came up very very short as far as learning how to do what I WANT TO DO.

So My next step was to ask you all, So if you have any idea how to make cupcake toppers,bottle wrappers,labels, greeting cards,etc....
I really really want to learn this for my personal use only!