Monday, July 12, 2010



"Ruffles Skirt"

"Lil' Twirly Skirt"

"Military Style Hat"

"Lil' Pants Suit"

"Fall Dayz Dress"


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Im such an IDIOT!!!!

Well, to start I have to explain that it has been raining so much here in oklahoma that I feel like im in "Forks", its even flooded in some areas!

Well this afternoon, Destiny was begging to go outside, since we finally have some sunshine!!
So I thought I would back across my driveway so she could ride here tricycle and not get in the road, and like an IDIOT I wasnt thinking and just drove right out into my yard and my car got stuck!!!  I cant believe Im such and IDIOT!!

Well I cant tell you about this without Pictures so here you go:

I know what your thinking (well besides Im an IDIOT) its not that bad....Well, I decided to stop before I made it much much worse....I so have to wait for the hubby to get home and handle this!! lol

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back To School Crafts

Wow, its been a while since I posted, and Im sorry about that, Ive just had so much going on and nothing exciting to blog about,but I recently became aware that it is time to get ready to go:

How excited all those kids must be that their summer is coming to an end, and how happy all those mothers and fathers must be that it is time to go school supplie,clothes, and anything else kids need for school shopping!

All joking aside I wish I was able to go back to school.

But for all those that have school age children, I have searched the world wide web for some money saving crafts to get you ready for Back- to- school.
(remember to click the image to go to the tutorial)

Here we go:

This is will show you how to make a super cute book covers!!

And here is one on how to make your own School bag:

School Lunch Bag
I love this idea, I so will be making one for Destiny, She is going into a 3yr old school program.

This is super cute for preschoolers

Isnt it just adorable????

Well this is all I have so far, But my next post will have tutorials on Back- To - School hair accessories,clothes,etc.....

So keep your eyes on my blog....

If you have an awesome
tutorial feel free to add a link in the comments section!!