Monday, February 22, 2010

New creations

My Parisan Dress

OK, this is my newest creation! It is made from MY PARISAN DRESS by ManiMina.
And I absolutly love it. It is the perfect play time dress or even a nice Church dress.
I made a pair of ruffle pants to go with it, Later that afternoo, so there arent pictured here but I promise to get some up.......and it really did look adorable with the ruffle pants. I made the pates with the Brown w/teal dots and the ruffles with the teal w/ brown dots....SUPER CUTE!! 

Oh, and please for give her hair doo..she was in no mood to get her hair done, before taking her pic.


  1. that dress is adorable and looks so couture chic

  2. Great dress! Your little girl looks super cute in it. I want to try sewing someday, too. Although I don't have a sewing machine. HA!


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