Thursday, March 11, 2010

Awesome Zebra Dress!!!

Yay Me!!!

I found this awesome zebra print fabric at my local walmart on sale for $1.00........I know I know...Amazing!!!

Well, I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it. So I have spent the last half of my evening creating it. So have a Peek!
Well, I love it!! And I know Destinys gonna love it too...

Dont you just love the Embroidered headband!! I do thats one of my fav parts about it!

I think im gonna go back to walmart tomorrow and buy the rest of the zebra print material they have and make all the little girls in the family this dress with their name embroidered on the headhand!! I think they will love them! And It would be so cute to get them all together for a Picture wearing their cute little outfit...
I will probably pair this dress with a pair of black or pink leggings, I  havent decided yet!! I will probably let Destiny wear this tomorrow so hopefully I will have some great pictures of her wearing it for you all.!!

Im thinking about offering a tutorial or a pattern for this dress, I made the pattern myself from one of destinys baby dresses, which you would be suprised how different it actually looks from the baby dress....The baby dress was actually polo style dress, and I just couldnt master the color they way it did, so I transformed it til I got this....which is much like a Peasant Top.

Oh, and here are some hairbows I have been working on.

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