Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yay!! Tomorrow is my 25th Birthday!!!



WOW, I just cant believe that its already time for my birthday...I havent even got used to being 24, not that I truley feel this young
Matter of fact I feel like I should be like 28-30 years old...
My intrests are just nothing like most people my age... Not to mention that it has been almost 3years since Ive really had much contact with people my age...being that im a stay at home mom and all my old friends not having kids yet, means that Ive grown apart from them and have moved on...

My bestfriend right now would have to be my MOM, and of course my hubby!!
Most people my age would be like what you like to hang out with your MOM!! OMG  how boring!

But really its not I enjoy spending time with my mom!
Although there are somethings that I would love to go do, that she just doesnt think she needs or would be the kind of thing a 40 something women should be doing..
Like going to get spray tans, nails done, cute haircuts,trying to pick out sexier clothes like mini skirts and short shorts !!
My mom is a little old school when it comes to these kind of things.

But anyways.....Im turning 25 and im truley excited maybe i will get something really really awesome for my birthday.....feel free to hope for me!!lol

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  1. Yay! Happy Birthday to you Leslie!! It's been great getting to know you on MCC, and I wish you a wonderfully sweet birthday with lots of smiles and love! May your 25th year be your best ever! ((HUGS)) ♥


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