Saturday, July 2, 2011


O, boredem please go away!
I hate the funky feeling you give me in my chest, the feeling of emptiness and loneliness!
O how I hate you boredem!
I wish I was on a vacation far far away from you, somewere like Ireland or even a nice weekend trip to the next big city for some fun in the sun at a waterpark,
O boredem, how I wish I was far far away from you.
Its to hot to go outside, its to gloomy to stay inside!
The thought of no fireworks on the 4th of July makes you swell in my chest and I really really dont like it.
Knowing that everyone else is/is going to have a great time makes me hate you even more.
BOREDEM why wont you just go the heck away already.
You make a minute feel like dayz and dayz..
I dont think I can stand much more of you boredem.
You stir up my wonderlust and make me want to travel to distant lands to see great sights, laugh all day and talk about all the great things I seen for wks after I get back.
Yes Boredem you make me have mini whine sessions, and annoy my hubby who just doesnt understand my hate of boredem, because he is happiest when he can sit in the house and do nothing but sleep all day!
So boredem, Since you instist on invading my chest with your funky feelings of boredem and loneliness I shall make you listen to my rants and raves til you decide to leave me alone!!!
I rarely see you boredem and Im ready to have you gone gone to the wind!
I can normally send you way by sticking my head deep into a sewing project or cleaning, but you just make everything seem so much more boring.....

OK, Im done with my rant now... I think.... So Im off to find an intrigueing sewing project that will keep me busy til the wee hours of the morning, Maybe then I will be to tired for boredem to sneak his ugly little head into my chest. Im sure many of you feel this way from time to time, especially my stay at home moms. Since we spend such a large about of time in the home doing the same things over and over again.

I will be glad when my mom gets back from vacation, She gives me something to do and someone to talk to besides my 4yr old diva and my hibernating hubby.

Thanks for listening to my pity party!


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