Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Braided Fabric Scrap/Fabric Rose Headband Tutorial


1-1inch wide strip of fabric
(its your choice on the length, the longer the strip the bigger the rose)
6-1/2inch wide x 20in long fabric strips
5 inch Elastic
Fabric glue / Glue Gun


After you have cut all your strips, you need to lay them in sections of 2

Then Stack the together like so:

Now you will sew the ends together
it makes braiding much easier!

Now you will section them into 2's again and start braiding the fabric strips
Now you will sew the end up and trim the edges
 And measure it on your childs head to make sure you dont need to trim it.
Now all you have to do is sew on the elastic

And now for the Fabric Rose

 You will take your 1inch strip and fold the end in half and glue it
Now you will hold it something like this, and roll it twisting the your strip back in forth

Once you have finished, glue down the edge
and your all done with the fabric rose:

Now you can add your Rhinestones
and add your rose or roses to your headband
Put glue on the back of the rose and press it to the headband
and here is the finished product

I think these look best with two or more fabric roses in coordinating fabrics,laces,ribbons...and some much more....

If you didnt quite get how to  make the fabric roses from my tutorial
(sorry bout the lack of  pictures its kinda hard to make a rose and hold a camera..lol)
then you can go to MY SPARKLE  she has an excellent tutorial on how to make rolled fabric flowers.


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