Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cartoons Good vs. Evil

Ok, So I have read several blog posts this week about  Disney Princesses vs. Disney is evil, and I have to say that I agree with almost everything that these ladies had to say about this subject.  I have to admit that I am very strict when it comes to what Destiny is allowed to watch on TV.  When Destiny first started watching cartoons I made a big deal about what she could or couldnt watch, and my husband laughed and said I was being overprotected!!!! I KNOW, HOW IS  THAT EVEN POSSIBLE..LOL

I have to say that their are much worse cartoons our kids could be watching than the Disney Princess.....and here is a run down of what I do and dont ALLOW!!
I allow almost anything that comes on PBS....I love love love this channel.... here is a link:
 It has excellet learning shows like: Curious George, Word World, Super Why and many many more.....

I also allow most of the NICK JR cartoons, like dora, diego, wonder pets, max and ruby, team umizumi,
kai-lan,backyardigans, however I absolutly DO NOT ALLOW: SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS..that is a nasty smart mouth, underlying adult content that no child should watch...In my opinion tweenager/teenagers shouldnt be watching it either!!
Needless to say I HATE SPONGEBOB!

a nd I also allow most of the Playhouse Disney cartoons such as: Chuggington..(so cute), of course Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Mannie....
However I dont like her to watch the Imagination Movers... I dont know how I feel about grown men acting so juvenile.....So I only allow this if there is absolutly nothing else...Not that she ever wants to watch it anyways.

One of our absolute favorite characters is STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, She is Destinys idol! and Im pretty proud of that....She has learned so much from it, like manners, being nice, sharing , not hurting feelings.
I cant tell you how many times we have been on playdates and if a kid is being bad,mean.... She comes and tells me Strawberry shortcake says thats not And I do give SSC all the credit for her manners, that is something that i just didnt think much of to teach her, I guess i just thought she was to young for that....(besides please, and thank you of course) ...

So in my opinion...
(no particular order)
My top ten faves are:

2...CAREBEARS....never thought I'd say that....some of the cartoons are okay others not so much.

Well I guess that sums it up.....
I would your imput...


  1. Funny, we really don't watch much actual TV more videos. But I agree with you 100% on Spong Bob. That is close to Beavus and Butthead in my book. I don't have issues with most Disney movies although I do hear things now that I never heard before. Using words like stupid or name calling. HA! we are actually watching Cars right now and the just said "Turn on your lights you moron". Not my favorite languauge. Anyway, good idea to remind us to watch what our kids watch.

  2. I have to say that Imagination Movers is a great show, it has helped teach my two year old to clean his room say please and thank you, to think outside the box and so many other things! My son has a awesome imagination! I hate Max and Ruby because you never see the parents, you see the grandmother that lives down the street but never the parents. Handy Manny has quickly become one of my sons new favorite shows and of course he loves Micky Mouse, barney and the doodlebops are not allowed in this house lol!

  3. I'm with you on most of them, but my kids are older now. My youngest is in 1st grade. But I absolutely hate Max and Ruby. How old is the little brother supposed to be? The theme music is horrible, the little brother is OCD, and where are the parents?

    But I can't say much, because I do allow Spongebob. You're right, it's not a great show... it's about the same as the Bugs Bunny cartoons I watched as a kid. If my kids start acting like SB or any of the older Disney or Nick shows they watch, I remind them that life in TV shows is not real life.


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