Monday, September 27, 2010

My Mom got her first Blog!!

Hey everyone, My mom got her first blog!
You should go check it out and follow her, I already have so you should see her in my followers section, and if not here is her link:

We have partnered up for my Etsy shop, she does all the handpainted items and helps me with the sewing of outfits, so dont forget to check us out on:

On other news we are slowly getting ready for vacation,
I borrowed some luggage from my mom, and brought them home, so I can start packing...If I dont I will surely for get something, and it will probably be something for Destiny..

Today my diet went pretty smooth, we ate and subway for lunch and dinner, it was very good.
However, Im going to have to find somewhere else to eat out at, here in town...
Taco Bell sounds to wonderful to think about!

O and Im finally under 205lbs, and can fit into last years jeans....YAY ME..

Well thats all for this post...I dont have much to discuss today!

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