Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I feel like my life is taking on tons of changes this past year.
I got engaged after 5yrs of and Im  planning the wedding for next april.
 Destiny started making friends with neighborhood kids, thats something I struggle with; I grew up outside of town, the closest house was a mile away and I have serious issues with people being in my space/house....Im working on it though.
And my next big issue is the thought of adding a second child to our household.
I just cant seem to make a decision between having another child and my selfishness in wanting to get some of my personal life back, ie work,school, etc......
Destiny is just getting old enought to start school which will give me some free time to get a job or go back to school, and the thought of throwing myself back into another 3-4yrs of being a stay at home mom is unexplainable. Not to mention that I dont want it to interfere with my wedding, I have waited so long to have one and I dont what a big baby bump under my wedding dress, and I sure dont want to pospone it.

And last and I guess most bothersome is the fact that I dont have a baby girl anymore... I have a big girl! She is constantly doing things that remind me of that fact and its hard to accept that time flys! She turns 4 in a couple of days, and will be starting preK in august.....She will change so much once she starts school, and I hope Im as prepared as I can be for all those changes.  I wish I could just hit the rewind button and do it all over again, she was just the best and easiest baby ever.

I mean how could you resist this little face!!!

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