Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CAMPING......sewing withdrawl..lol

Ok, So my Mom, my Daughter and I have decided to go CAMPING.... We have a popup camper...but it hasnt been used in ages, so that means its going to require lots of clean up,new curtians,and worst of all...the roof requires some repair...we had a bad storm last summer and a tree landed on it and damaged the roof....But the qood news is that my mother has been thinking about getting something smaller, that we could just drive ourselves...like a motorhome a very small motor home...and WE FOUND ONE...yes it is old, like i think the man said 72 but it has been in a garage unused its entire life...he said he may have taken 5 trips up to his local lake before his wife died...And his new wife doesnt like to camp so it has been setting in the garage again for a year or two...Anyways.....Its in REALLY REALLY NICE CONTITION.. and the price is just right....$1,800!!!
So as long as we can talk my dad into it, we may have us a RETRO CAMPER..Its so cute I just love it...
It is so small...which is great becasue it will always just be us girls going camping, because my hubby is a city boy through and through and well my dad just says a plain-o NO!! Sorry Party Poopers....lol

Anyways.....back to why im telling you all this...I will be trying to post some cool pictures of everything leading up to our camping trip, some camping crafts, and some cute pictures of all the camping fun over the next week...Then we are leaving this Thursday and will return Sunday afternoon...(yes camping doesnt stop us from going to church..we may look ruff when we get there..but we will be there....lol

If  you have any fun crafts for me to try before or during camping please leave comments or links below...thanks...Trust me Im going to need them...because I have to leave my Sewing machine behind for 4 WHOLE DAYS.....IM GOING TO HAVE SEWING WITHDRAWL....UGH....HOW WILL I SURVIVE??

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  1. Your trip sounds like so much fun! I was happy to hear about the camper and your plans, can't wait to hear about your adventure!

    Those floaties above are just adorable!!
    Have a great time!


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