Friday, May 7, 2010

FEATURE: Garden Pig / and a giveaway reminder!!



I have posted some pictures of her beautiful jewelry,and here is what she had to say about her shop,her jewelry and how it all got started. I hope you enjoy:

I've been obsessed with earrings since a couple years ago and have been buying them like crazy. One day I sat there and thought to myself that it was only right to make my own since I loved earrings so much. And since then I've been creating my own. At first they were very primitive but I have improved a bit over the years. I took a long break from making them but I recently had the urge to start it up again. This is how I decided to express myself and felt the need to share it with others! One of my goals for the near future is to expand my knowledge of jewelry making and take metal smithing classes.

My earrings are inspired by many things such as (but not limited to):
different cultures, my friends, my religion, whatever I happen to be reading or watching, and from the playful spirits of my four muses, my dogs!
Currently, I am at home taking care of my wonderful mother who has cancer at the moment. She was actually one of my inspirations to open up shop. She is an artist and before her sickness, she used to paint wonderful paintings all the time no matter where she was. But since her sickness, she has had no drive to paint anymore. I hope that by me creating my "art" and spreading it to others she too will once again start up her wonderful paintings and be the same old crazy beautiful artist that she is. The background of the banner on my shop happens to be a sample of one of her paintings.

Well, Thank you for coming by! Let's continue to live happier and brighter lives no matter what obstacles and darkness falls upon us!
Her ETSY shop 

And her blog at:
This weeks giveaway is going to be postponed until a later date!
I am planning a super big, super exciting giveaway!
And there will be a added twist to the next giveaway.....So go and check out all my previous featured sellers!!

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  1. What a great feature and story! Very inspiring too. Your work is very lovely!

    I look forward to the next giveaway too. ;)


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