Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What can I blog about today??

I just have to ask, how many times do you ask yourself  "What can I blog about today?" or  are you lucky enough to always have something very exciting and follower attention getting to talk about? 
Because I have this problem more than once a week, blogging shouldn't be this difficult, I know it shouldn't, but Im just the type of person that over analyzes everything, I always have.....And it is so annoying . But I think that if I know which followers were actively following and reading my blogs, I would better be able to decide what kind of crafts, etsy features, giveaways, etc..would excite my followers...

I would hope that all of my followers actually paid attention to all my blog posts but I know that that is not the case and I'm sure many other bloggers have this same problem. So If all my active followers could comment below with your blog addy, I will go to your blog and Follow you back! Because I think I have a couple of people who follow me but I don't follow them yet.

So comment below:
I wanna know who my readers are.


  1. First let me say that your blog make-over is beautiful ... really nice! :)

    I know exactly what you mean ... I only post three times a week and I struggle with each post. I try to stay on topic but it's tough to keep the information fresh and interesting. And, in my opinion, while readers like a certain consistency to blogs, they also really like something new once in awhile. I've often thought that I should stop blogging but then ... I just can't give it up. :)

    Have a great day!

    Small Footprints

  2. Well, I feel the same way, if that makes you feel any better! I've gone from once every other day down to once a week! I've been very busy with family things so its been hard to find the time.
    I'm convinced some people are born to blog and others struggle!!lol! But its nice to know I'm not alone! I do follow 2-3 blogs all the time and we write back and forth, which is nice because you get to know them. I would be happy to include you too! I see you have a cricut expression tutorial I'll have to check out--I just got one and haven't tried it yet!

    I think your makeover is really pretty- I like the side links on the left. It's something I'd like to do.

    If you want to see what's blooming on my woodland path in NJ visit my blog on Wednesday's or explore some of my past features!



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