Monday, May 24, 2010

Its TUTORIAL time!!!

Ok,  Everyone I have been out and about in the blog/internet world coming up with some great tutorials!!
And I have again decided to share them all with you. So here we go you can click on the pictures for the link back to the tutorial...Enjoy!

First up is a really awesome 
Sewing Bag Tutorial

It opens up and has several great compartments you should totally check it out!!

And this one is great for the kids!

This is a super cute bowling bunny tutorial, and Im so going to make Destiny a set!!

And a totally awesome CAR CRAFT CADDY
Can you believe how awesome this would be to have on long trips??? To bad my sewing machine cant
We are going on vacation in July to VEGAS!!! And we have decided to drive this time so we can see all the awesome stuff along the im so making this!!!

And the next tutorial is for all those awesome women that are expecting a little bundle of joy!!
This link is a round up of all kinds of maturity clothing tutorials
I wish I had been sewing when I was prego's with Destiny

OMG...I love this..It makes me what to have another baby....
ThiSummer Tweets Bird Mobile Isn't it just AWESOME!!

AND this one goes out to all the little boys who are tired of only girly sewing

I can think of so many cute ways to make this be a colorful fun hat for all little boys...and maybe some little girls too...

I can so see Destiny in a shirt like this one.
Isnt it super cute!!!

Ok,Well thats all for its time for me to go and work on some of these great tutorials, and the dreaded house cleaning that is so desperatly needed after such a busy week!!


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