Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, I will be the first to say that all my decorating plans didnt go as planned and some didnt get used, due to the fact that it was very windy, and  it was kinda rushed because it began to sprinkle on our party...But it cleared off just in time for guests to arrive and it was pretty successful because my baby had a blast!! Here are some photos....
(beware of the photos with me in them...i apologize

This is a picture of the table and the isnt a Oliva cake because every bakery in town said they couldnt do Olivia, so we decided to get an Ice Cream cake....which was delicious!!!

This is her opening presents and my mom getting pictures...Im not uploading these in any order, just some of the better quality photos, my mom is the best photographer but dont tell her I said

And yes this is her plugging her ears as we all sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.....
I think she is trying to tell us not to quit our day jobs, cause we cant

And this is her, with one of the pom poms used to decorate.....Swinging and having a blast...
I think all the kid loved playing with the balloons and pom poms and Several people have asked me to make them for their kids birthday parties....

Well I think this was the perfect 3rd Birthday, She was very happy with it all, She also got to go camping for 4 days, and she really really enjoyed that, she cried when we had to leave camp.
And she is already begging to go again....Dont you just love kids??

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