Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Baby is turning 3!

Wow, I cant believe my baby is going to be 3!! That number sounds so big, I remember the day I went into labor like it was yesterday, I just couldnt believe I was going to be a a mother...what...
There was never even a thought of abortion or giving her up, and Its hard for me to understand how some women actually have these thoughts.
I couldnt Imagine my life without her, matter of fact looking back on my life before her, it just seems so blurry! I realize that I didnt know who "I" was til I had her. I guess Iwas always ment to me a mom! I have always had a love for babys. And I literally always knew exactly what I was going to name said baby an that was DESTINY RAILYNN, I was pretty small and in daycare when a little baby came in that was named Destiny,and from then on I just knew that was my favorite name and that I would name my child that.

I have often tried to picture myself having another baby and I just simply cannot imagine being able to love another one, I have already given my whole heart to my lil lovey that I just cant imagine bringing another baby into this world,and it not get the same great love and attention, but for some reason my main worry is that if I decided to have another child Destiny would be the one getting hurt, Im afraid she would lose all her attention,and some of the love she once had.....My mom says thats silly and that I would love them both equally, I cant imagine how, But i suppose that maybe its true and that Im just feeling this way because Im not ready to have another baby yet.

Anywayz, Back to Bday talk
I have all the decorations, YAY, and all the food, YAY, and all the activites , YAY,....because this year I actually didnt wait til the last minute....Can you believe that...cause I cant..

She is going to have a OLIVIA THE PIGLET party! I found this party online and Im trying ot recreate it here are some images of my inspiration:

I will try my best to get some pictues up of her birthday thurday night or Friday...As part of her birthday we are going camping for 4 days, So im not sure if I will beable to upload some images before Monday or not....But I promise to have them up on Monday!!


  1. happy birthday to your little one! My son loves olivia too

  2. Oh that just sounds soooo cute! Happy Birthday to Destiny and enjoy every minute! I miss those days of creating wonderful birthday parties for my kids. It was always so much work but priceless memories!
    Have Fun!


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