Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Men and Craft Rooms

Why are men so annoying. I often wonder why in the world I have one, I mean he just drives me crazy, I cant do anything without talking to him first. I dont think its dumb to move just for me to have a craft room, but he looks at me like I lost my mind because I want to move because I dont have enought space for my crafts, He says well if you would quit bringing stuff in the  house it wouldnt be so small......
But Its not just wanting a craft room, this house really is getting to small, it is a two bedroom,1bath(small), a Small kitchen with very little and i mean very little counter space, no cabnet space, I have to keep my pots and pans on the stove all the time because there is no space!!!! Not to mention that I cant even move our furniture around because there is absolutly no other way for it to go because it is just to small. Each room has its own closet and we also havea hall closet, He has so many clothes that we cant share a closet, and so does destiny, so I got kicked to the hall closet, which is now lost to me because we need some storage area, So now all my clothes must be folded and put in drawers....I dont know about you but that is just plain annoying!!

This house was just our starter home, I never intended to stay here forever! But he is just the kind of person who wants to stay where  he is, and continue to do the same things...he doesnt like change much!!
But Im begining to feel costerphobic in here!! My craft area and the computer desk is all crunched up into the corner of the kitchen and we are constantly bumbing chairs, or im bumbing into the computer table, I sew on a little wooden dinner tray thing which just doesnt give me the room to spread my fabric out and do all that stuff...............AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH is all I have to say about that.
I dont know what rent runs everywhere else, but we live in a small town so  a 2 bedroom runs between $300-$350, and a four bedroom $400-up depending on how fancy you want it. And the neighborhood we live in now is perfect full of kids Destinys age, low crime..well no crime, and my mom lives around the corner... So I want to live in this neighborhood.............I just want a biggerhouse,one I can breath in!!

I want a craft room like this:

Instead of this:

So do you blame me for wanting a bigger craft area now that you see what I have to be creative in???


  1. don't blame you for wanting more though looks like you have a bigger craft space than i do!

  2. My craft space is a little piece of my bedroom. I didn't want it to ever be in my room, but that's the only spot for it. I cleaned out one bedroom since we never had guests, but my husband talked me into a "playroom". Guess I'll have to wait til the kiddos have moved out.

    PS. People with craft rooms like the 1st one, rarely ever craft in them.

  3. Wow, he sounds just like my husband!LOL! I'm in the same situation, we bought a starter house and then I got sick and we never moved. We are bursting at the seams!! My crafts were scattered through out the house until last year. I finally took over our tiny basement from the kids, now that they are getting older. I have been slowly renovating it for my crafts----it's like heaven having all my stuff together. Funny enough I will be adding a series on my blog about the process I went through on creating this space--so stay tuned!
    But know I have gone through everything you are describing, my husband hasn't changed, but I now have my space! So there's hope!


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