Wednesday, April 6, 2011

after 5 1/2 yrs Im ENGAGED!!

I can't believe Im officially ENGAGED!!! YAY
Im no longer just his girlfriend... Im his fiance and future WIFE.

I have waited along time for this.... and Im so excited I cant contain myself!!

Isnt it GORGOUS???
I absolutely love it...

We have set the date for
Havent officially picked a day yet, Im thinking around the 14th.

So now all I have to do is figure out what kind of wedding I want, I was never the kind of girl who dreamed of the day she would get married... and Im not the center of attetion type, Im also not a very affectionate person to anyone but my daughter and my Fiance....Something about hugging other people, even my parents/sibling just feels very awkward and well as public affection... Im not the one your gonna see in the store or parking lot giving kisses to my future hubby.... to me that is just priviate.... and for the most part he feels the same..

So Im just not positive on all the details yet, but I only have 3 reasons for not wanting the big traditional wedding..
1.) I dont want to have to ask my dad to walk me down the isle...Awkward!!
2.) I dont want to have to kiss Johnny infront of everyone....Embarassing!!
3.) I do not want anyone crying or getting emotional or hugging me....Unconfortable!
So a vacation/wedding in Las Vegas at a cute little chapel sounds pretty good to me, But then Johnnys family and most of mine wouldnt want or be able to attend, so that is probably out of reach.

Reasons why I do want a regular wedding:
1.) Picking out the dress
2.) planning and having a party worth dressing up for
3.) Getting Gorgous
and most importantly
 Seeing Johnny in  a suit or at least all dressed up..
( A suit may be to much to wish

But whatever kind of wedding I choose, I know I want it to be Pink and Brown,
I want a Pink dress for sure, and I would like it to be outside. I will probably have to break the wedding down into 3 parts:
 the actual ceromony
and a after party

Because most of my family are pretty religous (church of christ) and Johnnys family is your typical african american family, In other words our familys have 2 totally different ways of celebrating and I want everyone to be happy.
The Ceromony will be all me!
The dinner/reception can be for everyone and the After party can be more for his family and those of mine that arent comfortable with the dancing and music.

So how soon should I start planning??
O, and we plan to have out second child next year too, So some how I have to get this all worked out...


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