Friday, April 8, 2011


I went to a Scentsy Party a couple of weeks ago and purchased a Scentsy bar in Lilacs and Violets...Lilacs are my fav flower ever!!!
Anyway Yesterday I thought " man I wish I could put my scentsy in my car" So since then I have been trying to think of a way I could put my scentsy in my car without it spilling in my floors/seats and without haveing to go buy the scentsy circles...

And Easter inspired me so here is what I came up with:


Ok, so it might be a bit corny, But I think its cute and its is so going in my car!
It shouldnt beable to leak or bust open, and it is bright and fun and just in time for easter, I could see this being used in all kinds of easter, baby showers, wedding showers, etc.. I think you could also use toy vending machine capsuls like these

(my original thought)

Either way would be super cute!
Well here is my tutorial for the Scentsy Eggs:
First you will need some supplies:
hot glue
easter egg or capsule

First you will need to poke a little holes using the tack, in the top of the egg so the scent can get out,
while yoru at it poke a larger hole in the center of the top for the ribbon
Next  you will cut your ribbon to desired length
( i made mine pretty long because I want it to slip over my rearview mirror)
Slide the ribbon thru the hole you punched in the center

Tie a knot in the end of the ribbon so that it wont slip out of your eggs hole.

Cut a piece of your Scentsy bar off and place it inside your egg.

Now you just need to seal it closed, I did this by hot glueing a ribbon around the seam so that it overlaped both edges so It could not come open.
Finally I just decorated it witha bow and a small crystal... You can get as fun and creative as you want to with it.

Im sure your next question is how is it going to get warm enough to melt and smell, Well my plan is for the sun to do that for me.. Because I dont know about you but it gets pretty hot in my car during the summer. Im not sure how this is going to work in the fall/winter months but Im sure my heater vent blowing on it will keep it toasty enought to produce scent...

So what do you think of my creation??

p.s. if you have any questions about my tutorial feel free to email me or leave a message!



  1. Great idea!!!! Lilacs are my favorite too!!! I just might have to do that today! Thanks for the idea! Come on over and check out our new blog and enter our giveaway!!! Your layout is sooooooooo cute!!!!!

  2. Wonderful idea!! I'm so stealing it and going to use it later!! Thank you so much!!


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