Saturday, April 16, 2011

To Craft for FUN or PROFIT?, that is the Question!!

 So by now you all know that I have been crafting for about 4yrs now and 3 of that I have been doing it as a means to make some money, since Im a stay at home mome and we are on a budget my crafting created a way for me to make some FUN money. But I soon found that I actually wasnt making a profit at all, I was actually losing money by the time I purchased everything I needed to make whatever it was I was making.
And the fun quickly faded, as I was always haveing to do what someone else wanted and I never had time to make my own daughter cute outfits and other fun stuff.

I have some small bills now, that I would have to figure out how to pay if I choose to quit sewing/crafting for profit. But my daughter would finally have the cute clothes and other items I make again, and no more spending $$$ on clothes that dont really fit her well.(which is why I started sewing in the first place)

I have had my shop shut down for about a month now... and to be honest I havent even missed the extra $ yet.  Instead I have been making Childrens craft kits and going to craft sales and festivals and selling them there...NOT going so well, I might add!!! Im quite disappointed in that.
But the biggest problem is craft/sewing have lost its "FUN" factor for me.

Well , I guess writing this  post I realize that I already know the answer to my question,
NO MORE CRAFTING FOR PROFIT,only every once in a great while!

So now I guess Im off to figure out another way of making me so  moneys..Plus I enrolled Destiny in school last Thursday and she will be going to school so I will have time to get a job now!!

If you know of any stay at home job opportunities please let me know!!



  1. I know what you mean, but I guess it is not easy to make money out of it. I’d love to see some clothes you have made/ will make for your daughter. Maybe you should sell children’s clothes patterns on your blog! Good luck!

  2. @SewandtheCity... first I love the name of your blog! I just did a post with some pictures of some of the things I have made in the past. And I have thought about selling the patterns.. But Im just not sure how to
    Thanks so much for commenting!!! By the way I follow your blog


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