Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I've been M.I. A lately!!

I cant believe how long a I have let my blog go with out any kind of post! Im so sorry! Life has been so crazy around here, First I hurt my back and have been unable to do anything exciting, then I opened up a small shop in a local craft mall to sell all the goodies I make, I also have been doing ALOT  of craft shows lately, Finally my poor little car went KaPoot and we had to buy a new car, It was our first time ever buying a new car so it was a experience in its self, Plus my mom keeps me pretty busy on the weekends with yard sales and "treasure hunting" Its truely amazing what you can find.

April is my birthday month so I have compiled a list of fun tutorials and even some great giveaways pertaining to Easter and my Birthday. I will also be keeping you updated on things that Im making and doing. 
I cant believe Im about to be 25...yikes!


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