Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pre-K... Sunset or Roosevelt??

My baby is getting so big. Pre-K enrollment is thursday and I still havent made my decision on which school I should send her to...

Option 1. Roosevelt-The school right across from my parents and across the ally from our house.
Down side is she will know NO one there, she wont know any kids or teachers.. It will be so scary for her. my moms concern is that she will see her house and what we are doing from the playground and stand at the fence crying begging us to come and get her....
But I know she is just gonna have to learn thats not gonna work. Its gonna break my heart.. But I guess thats just part of life...
I really think she will be fine, She has always made friends really easy. She is not shy at all! She has always been with at least me,her daddy, or my parents, she has been absolutely no where without us. So I know its going to be hard. I wish there was at least 1 kid that she knew, going to school for the first time to. 

Option 2: Sunset- The school that my aunt works at. (teachers aide)
and both of her boys go, Jake is in 2nd and Jarred will be in Kindergarten.
 So Destiny would know they are there and probably feel safer. But Im just afraid that I will be holding her back in some way by sending her to school with one of us(my aunt) there.
 I just want her to learn that sometimes we arent going to be here, but she will be ok. Just like every other kid in the world...
But again it wouldnt have to be so scary since jake and jarred are there... they are kids she always plays with, they go camping with us, they are at all family funtions...

My mom and Aunt want her to go to Sunset. I would rather she across the street just because its close and my aunt wouldnt be there, but she also wouldnt have anybody she knew... Her daddy just says for me to decide...ARGH.. talk about no help.

I know Im probably making this more difficult than it has to be but I just want to make the right decision....
1 is practicly in my backyard, but no friends
the other is all the way across town but wouldnt know anyone...

What do you think
Should I send her to school with her cousins and my aunt or send her to school right across the street with no friends??

It just hit me about an hour ago... all these fears and thoughts....UM


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